Manufacture, assembly and staging

Our bespoke facility allows for the procurement, manufacture and assembly of all components.

We use our customers Bill of Materials (BOM) or design drawings to produce fully assembled, specific kits.

All our work is tested in accordance with customer requirements, using our fully accredited ISO9001 quality management system for complete confidence.

Below are some of our services:

  • Sub assemblies
  • Cable assemblies
  • Wiring looms
  • High performance coax assemblies
  • Network cabling assemblies
  • Distribution boxes
  • Panel builds
  • Electrical components
  • Metal equipment housing
  • Metal mounting brackets
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Equipment Configuration

Our fully-equipped facility provides offer configuration services for your equipment.

This is vital. Getting the latest configs onto the equipment before it is distributed to site can often be integral to the commissioning of a system.

Some systems may require a level of alteration through the initial stages.

Bench Testing

We create a test rig for each project.

All equipment within a kit can be tested prior to leaving the facility.

This is part of our quality management system and reduces the risk of down time from the onsite installation.

Every single electrical component can be tested: power supply, network switch, router etc.

Electrostatic Sensitive Device (ESD) Protected Area

Our Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA) is fully equipped with the control systems/items required to minimise the chance of damaging ESD sensitive devices.

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